“Each of us can change our brain, our perceptions, our responses, and our fate. We can use the energy of our mind and the energy of our heart to create anything we want.”

-Bruce Lipton


"When you rewrite the software of your mind, you change the printout of your life… and the world."
-Bruce Lipton

Elllooooo My name is Mikala McClain, Thank you for being here.

Hey you

I believe it is possible to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs, no matter how long they have been limiting your full potential. Our beliefs are like programs downloaded onto a computer, with the right tools and processes those programs can easily be transformed. At Astra Holistica we focus on working with the subconscious mind, where nearly all human behavior – both constructive and destructive – originates. This allows us to tap into the root cause of your dis-ease instead of merely managing the symptoms. Changing the programs in your subconscious mind changes your thoughts and habits, which ultimately change your destiny…

Transcend Retreat

In-Person 4 Day Experience

An all-inclusive transformative experience for women who are ready to release what no longer serves them and step into their full potential.


Sisterhood Community

A sisterhood of like-minded women. A safe place to be seen, heard, and connect.

Group Program

Empower Together

Regulate your nervous system while building a body you feel healthy and confident in. This program is done live, with weekly group calls and focuses on nutrition, fitness, and nervous system regulation.

Sometimes in the wave of
change we find our true direction.