Hellooooo My name is Mikala McClain

Thank you for being here

I believe it is possible to quickly and painlessly change subconscious beliefs, no matter how long they have been limiting your full potential. Our beliefs are like programs downloaded onto a computer, with the right tools and processes those programs can easily be transformed. At Astra Holistica we focus on working with the subconscious mind, where nearly all human behavior – both constructive and destructive – originates. This allows us to tap into the root cause of your dis-ease instead of merely managing the symptoms. Changing the programs in your subconscious mind changes your thoughts and habits, which ultimately change your destiny…

I’ve worked as a registered nurse for the last 10+ years in psychiatric inpatient facilities, forensic units, and the emergency psychiatric department, which has allowed me to witness people in their most vulnerable state, desperate for a reprieve from their own minds. As with my patients, I longed for a solution that would provide REAL healing and change. Deep down I knew there had to be something more effective than what western medicine could provide, but it wasn’t until I went on my own healing journey that that path was illuminated.

"When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change."

-Wayne Dyer

I soon learned of alternative medicine approaches, energetic psychology, plant medicine, and therapeutic modalities like The Completion Process, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Healing, and Polyvagal Theory in Therapy. My desire to heal my own trauma lead me to the jungle of Peru where I sat with shamans and light workers, to Utah with magical medicine women, to Cambodia and Thailand with monks, and to the hills of California with a psychotherapist.

My own transformation validated the power of these modalities and I knew they would forever change my life’s work. It is from that place of truth, healing, and transformation Astra Holistica was born.

“I believe we can heal all dis-ease through proper nutrition, authentic connection, and purpose… those three things are the trifecta of vitality.” 

Sometimes in the wave of
change we find our true direction.