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4 Techniques to Pull Yourself Back Up After Tragedy

The year was 2019 and this thing called COVID hit.⁣
The world felt like it came to a screeching halt.⁣
The agency my hubby and I spent 5 years building, helping 100’s of gym owners in 5 different countries…gone.⁣
It felt like a wrecking ball had come and demolished the scaffolding my life was built on.⁣
My mind went to dark places.⁣
Tragedy is an inevitable aspect of life.⁣
The quality of your life will be defined by the grit you muster to get back up, wipe your face off, and keep moving.⁣
Here are 4 techniques I used to get back up:⁣
1. Connect with the transcendent: we humans crave meaning. Without meaning, we dip into chaos. For someone it’s starting a movement or a company, for others, it’s art or improv, and for others still, it could be volunteering or a book club. Find your “thing” and commit to it a minimum of 1x per week.⁣
2. Control your mornings: Tony Robbins pioneered the concept of the 6 basic human needs. One of the core needs is the need for certainty. When you’re in uncertain times you must ARCHITECT certainty in your life. If you skip this step you are destained to find it in unhealthy means (smoking, drinking, etc). I created my perfect morning routine to rehearse the future that I’m trying to create. It includes listening to my affirmations, journaling, and visualizations. Rehearsing your future gives your mind a huge boost of certainty that carries throughout your day.⁣
3. Let go of negative emotions: Big emotional events are often traumas. There’s a big misconception of what trauma is but like anything, it’s on a spectrum. We often think of trauma as a big event like a car accident or loss of a loved one. The truth is that it can be anytime an emotional need isn’t being met. These events are stored in the subconscious and influence behavior. I worked with a special type of therapist that deals in shadow/ subconscious mind work to heal limiting beliefs and patterns. This is why this type of therapy is at the core of my Elevate program.⁣
4. Control your nights: Think of the mind as an input and output machine. What you put into your mind at night before bed is processed while you sleep. I use to listen to Joe Dispenza’s evening meditation every night for almost 2 years. It was part of what inspired me to create the powerful brain retraining audios within Empower.⁣
I started Astra Holistica only 5 months ago and today we have nearly 3,000 women in our program.⁣
But to think, if I never picked myself up I would have been in the same spot, with the same problems.⁣
You have everything you need to be successful.⁣
Pick your head up and get moving ❤️