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10 Principles For Creating Personal and Financial Success

I’ve used these same principles to:

✅ Create a 7-figure agency
✅ Scale my new company from 0 – $50,000/mo. in 30 days
✅ Get my body to “competitor” level lean

🧐 📖 Read every day for the best results! 📖 🧐
1. Your only resource in life is TIME. Be extremely careful with what’s deserving of your time. Above all else hold the minutes of your life to a high standard. You’ll never get a single second back.
2. GOAL MAKING. You have to have clearly defined goals that you can objectively measure your progress toward. This applies to big career goals as well as the granular mini-goals goals of what you plan to accomplish this afternoon. Stop leaving your productivity to chance.
3. DISCIPLINE. Though a goal typically stays the same, plan on the ROUTE to a goal changing drastically as time goes on. Crash and burn, bump around in the dark… do whatever it takes to just keep pushing and, when necessary, revise. Success comes from being willing to fail more times than others.
4. The law of GRADUAL GROWTH. Realize that skill-building, business-building, and progress in general grow only an inch at a time, like a river carving the Grand Canyon. Progress seems impressive only after you’re able to look BACKWARDS.
5. Your SOCIAL LIFE. We’re social animals and our standards, tendencies, and personalities rub off on each other. That’s why it’s so important to be close to (a) someone who you aspire to be like (for inspiration), and (b) someone who is fighting alongside you with the same struggles you have right now (for accountability).
6. Your BRAIN. The mind is like a big sponge, and you directly control what sort of information and influence seeps into it via your experiences. When you indulge your brain with pointless social media, mind-numbing TV, or video games, you’re basically dipping your sponge in sewer water. All of these things are designed for escapism, giving you stress and dread, dividing your focus, making you apathetic, and worst of all, to keeping you addicted.
7. ANALYSIS PARALYSIS. Most people never achieve success because they are stuck in the “learning” phase and are afraid to make a mistake. So, they never leave the comfort zone, which is the biggest mistake of all. Don’t wait to strike when the iron is hot. Keep striking UNTIL that iron it is hot.
8. IMPOSTER SYNDROME. Life is a constant pull between wondering if you deserve success and wishing you had more of it. This tug-of-war will never end no matter how successful you get. All you can do is casually notice the feeling, realize it’s part of being human and has NO BEARING on your true worth as a person, and move on.
9. Sculpting a SUCCESS IDENTITY. You’ll always act in line with what kind of person you think you are. Who is that? How do you talk to yourself? Your perceived identity is the behind-the-scenes decision-maker of every action. Your personality evolves over time, and it does so based on the self-talk you feed it. This can put you on top of the world or make you feel like the lowest of the low.
10. SOCIAL COMPARISON. Some people love watching content about trashy people, criminals, and jerks. This lets you think, “Glad I’m better than that idiot!” and you get a hit of dopamine while simultaneously lowering your standards. Instead, learn about the accomplishments and determination of great thinkers and leaders. What can you learn from them? What can you emulate? Look up, now down. This is how to cultivate wisdom.
Nine years ago I was broke as a joke, no ambition, no driving force in my life, just sorta “existing.”
Now I have a successful and growing business and enjoy the fulfillment from helping women to AWAKEN to their true self…
HEAL through the hardship and repressed trauma…
And TRANSFORM into that fiery woman they want to become.
Your connections don’t matter, your intelligence doesn’t matter, your baggage from all those times the shit hit the fan doesn’t matter.

It’s all about how you treat your brain and what discipline you choose to have today.

You’re still here, and if you’ve read this far then obviously, you’re invested in your own success.
You can do it.
Your best life is waiting for you.