“The moment you change your perception is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body.”

- Bruce Lipton

At Astra Holistica we focus on a holistic approach to health so you can live a more fulfilled, passionate, and purposeful life. We cover everything from healing trauma/negative patterns, transforming limiting beliefs, to nutrition, and fitness.
Our programs will help you close the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It’s all about becoming the best version of YOU possible while being part of a supportive community.

Transcend Retreat

In-Person 4 Day Experience

An all-inclusive transformative experience for women who are ready to release what no longer serves them and step into their full potential.


Sisterhood Community

A sisterhood of like-minded women. A safe place to be seen, heard, and held.

Group Program

Empower Together

Regulate your nervous system while building a body you feel healthy and confident in. This program is done live, with weekly group calls and focuses on nutrition, fitness, and nervous system regulation.

Krystal's Success Story

“I’ve lost quite a few inches. At this point I am down about 8 or 9 pounds. But I am feeling so much stronger. The mindfulness. That is huge for me. I’ve never had that as deep as I do now… Katherine helped me realize why I keep self sabotaging myself.  Why I keep resorting back to the patterns so to speak.”

Niaomi's Success Story

“30 pounds down. I don’t know how many inches overall, but I know before I started I was like a 2x scrub size and I went down to a Large and now the large is too big…. Just having that mind body connection, the support and everyone there is huge. It’s such a game changer. “

Rene's Success Story

“It changed everything for me. It changed how I see myself, how I view other peoples problems. It also taught me that where I am at for a reason. I didn’t get here here because I was eating too much food… I got here because was keeping me here and the therapy is helping me with that so I can move forward.”

Sue's Success Story

“In my first week I lost 7 pounds and now I am down 12 pounds in less than 3 months in. I am very excited about that… my energy is through the roof.”

Sometimes in the wave of
change we find our true direction.